About Us

About Placer Wellness


Placer Wellness was founded by Nurse Practitioner, Nancy Cote, with the intent of helping you look and feel your best using an integrative medicine approach. 


Nancy has many years of experience in the fields of Women's Health, Adult Medicine, and Aesthetics.


Placer Wellness takes pride in providing empathic care.  We do comprehensive evaluations to help us develop a personalized  plan with you to  meet your objectives and needs.  

At Placer Wellness we specialize in hormones, aesthetics and weight management. We understand that each of these paths are extremely personal and our job is to offer customized care in a  supportive environment.

Your Partner in Wellness. 

Nancy Cote N.P,  Owner 

Nancy Cote is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years over experience. She has found her passion in Women's Health, hormones and esthetics. Nancy opened Placer Wellness with your needs in mind and is looking forward to getting you on the road to wellness.