Botox Injections


 Microneedling can increase collagen formation, reduce wrinkles, shrink pore size, decrease acne scars, even skin tone, and improve skin texture. Microneedling can be done with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or PRP (plamsa rich protein).  PRP microneedling, also known as "vampire facial" uses your blood which is spun down  and separated in a centrifuge. The plasma layer is then withdrawn and used in conjunction with the microneedling procedure. For best results, we recommend  a series of three procedures one month apart and then quarterly thereafter.

Microneedling with HA:     $250

Microneedling with PRP:  $300

Botox, Fillers, and PRP

Providing great results with  Botox, Dysport, and aesthetic fillers incorporates a  balance between the science and art of injecting. Aesthetic injections will enhance your youthful appearance by smoothing, shaping, contouring and filling unwanted facial wrinkles and lines to help you look your best and feel more confident.

Autologous injection of your own plasma as filler is also available.

We strive to create a pleasurable and comfortable experience for our clients in a relaxing atmosphere.

Botox: $10 per unit

Dysport:  $4.00 per unit

PRP injection varies in price. 

Filler:  1 cc syringe. $550

Filler:  0.55 cc syringe $300

Evening and weekend appointments available.   


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