Here's what our clients think about us:


I started taking bio-identical hormones about 2 years ago, and it's been life changing! I suffered from extreme dryness, insomnia, lethargy, and anxiety after I no longer had my own circulating hormones. After a thorough screening, I was prescribed an Estrogen-like drop that I place under my tongue each morning, and a Progesterone-like cream that I rub into my forearm each night. I feel like I've gotten the bounce back in my step.


Before bio identical hormones I experienced multiple hot flashes during the day and severe night sweats causing insomnia all while wearing a climara patch given to me by my doctor to address these same symptoms.  The patch was not working and my doctor had no options for me.  I was really suffering.  I was so impressed with Nancy Cote during my visit. Not only did she really listen to my concerns about my symptoms, but she asked a ton of questions to really get to the bottom of what was going on with me.  This was something my doctor did not seem to care about. I now have zero hot flashes and zero night sweats.  I’m feeling great all thanks to Nancy.  She also addressed my sleep issues and sex drive.  Many thanks to this exceptional lady


Placer Wellness is my new happy place. I worked with both Nancy & Lisa to achieve my weight loss goals with the HCG diet. I cannot even express how great I look and feel. They were there for me with all my question and concerns and I had a ton of them! They eased my mind and made me feel confident that this was the right decision for me! After reaching my goal weight finally! After many years of diet and exercise I can't express enough gratitude to these two ladies! Kind and caring to the max!